SlimmerMAX and Samples Love Box

SlimmerMAX and Samples Love Box

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Kick-start your weight loss journey with a variety of full and sample sizes of our best weight management products!


    • Full size of Nova Coffee enhanced with botanical nootropics and adaptogens that may improve cognitive function, memory, motivation, and creativity.
    • Three {3} Nova Coffee 7-Day trial packs
    • Full sizes of VitaliTea Whole Body Detox Tea and Black Seed Oil from our Love Your Liver Box
    • Three {3} Black Seed Oil samples
    • Full size Slimmer Healthy Weight management, three {3} Slimmer Healthy Weight Management 7-Day trial packs, and three {3} full size Slimmer Oil from our Slimmer Love Box
    • Full size Tone 100mg CBD Smoothing & Firming Lotion
    • 32-ounce HBN water bottle
    • Nova Coffee stainless tumbler

Includes (12) $25.00 Virtual Gift Cards